3 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a PET Bottle Blow Machine

PET is a form of polyester which is commonly extruded or molded in the plastic bottles and other containers. It is a highly valued packaging material because it is strong and lightweight. It has become a common manufacturing material because it is hygienic, does not react with foods or beverages, does not biologically degrade, and is resistant to attack by microorganisms. As a result, more companies are turning to this material for bottling. To create bottles a PET bottle blow machine is used. When selecting this type of machine there are three factors to consider.

The first factor is productivity. This is equally true for large-scale and small batch bottle creation. There are a few underlying characteristics which affect productivity and efficiency. For maximum productivity, it is important for the PET bottle blow machine is versatile enough to create both large and small matches in a minimal amount of time.

The second factor to consider when purchasing a PET bottle blow machine is versatility. Traditional machines are designed to only create normal bottles or heat resistant bottles. There may also be limitations on bottle sizes. The best machines are designed to manufacture both normal bottles and heat resistant bottles. This saves time and allows producers to create different types of bottles for different products. Along with the ability to create different types of bottles it is important to be able to produce a variety of sizes. An ideal machine has the capability of producing bottles as large as 2 liters.

The final factor to consider is efficiency. For maximum efficiency, it is critical that the mold replacement time is as short as possible. Additionally, creating a large number of batches without changing the mold is beneficial as well. A final feature which affects efficiency is energy consumption. The best bottle blow machines use less energy to create more bottles which enhances the production ROI.

All PET plastic bottles can be recycled. Globally nearly 60% of PET plastic models are now being collected for recycling. The recent emphasis on recycling has driven global demand for manufacturers to use PET bottles instead of traditional plastic. With recent innovation, the manufacturing industry has redesigned PET bottles to be more than 30% lighter than 15 years ago and include increasing amounts of recycled plastic in the bottles themselves. This makes the use of a PET bottle blow machine more popular and important than ever. With the growing demand for PET production more companies are purchasing new PET bottle blow machines. To ensure the right machine is purchased it is important to consider the level of productivity it offers, production versatility, and overall efficiency. plastic shredder machine

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