6 Most Common Issues That Cause Roof Damage And Tips To Fix Them

We never recognize its importance or even think about it in depth, but the only thing that is protecting our home and our most precious belonging: our family, is the roof. Your roof plays a more vital in your home’s protection than you might think. Since the roof is the most costly part of your house, and it’s replacement also costs too much, it is necessary that proper care and maintenance of roof should be done on a regular basis.

Experts have suggested that lack of roof repairs and maintenance can speed up the wearing out of the roof by up to 40%. It means you’d need to replace your roof several years sooner than its life expectancy. You would be shocked to know that researchers have shown that over 90% of houses have roof problems. Why let the most important and the costliest part of your property go to waste like this when you can protect it easily? This is why we have compiled this list of most common problems that can cause extensive damage to your roof and their solutions so that you could use it to protect your precious roof.1. Blow-off damage and how to fix it:High-speed winds can cause extensive damage to your roof by blowing off the entire finished roofing. Either a section of the roof or a whole side, exposed to the highest winds, suffer most of the blow-off damage. Roof sheathing and felt can also be blown off if the winds are too strong.

This issue is something that you cannot fix on your own. So, you would need to call your roofing repair service and have them repair the blown off part or install an entirely new roofing.2. Severe structural damage and how to fix it:Blow-off damages are a minuscule part of havoc that high-speed winds can wreak. Significant structural damage to the roof is caused by fallen tree limbs or entire trees, due to heavy storms. The impact of on depends upon the size of the tree; so, if you have large trees around your house that are very old or rotten, get rid if them immediately. This issue is fixed depending on the damage caused. If the damaged area is small and worth repairing, then it is repaired; if not, then the whole roof is replaced. Your roofing repair experts would be able to give you a better idea of the picture.3. Damaged shingles and how to fix it:Roof shingles, made of asphalt and wood, simply wear out with time and show signs of damage. Well, this is not always the case. The Wind, foot traffic, and other impacts can result into missing and broken shingles. With time, old shingles often curl and become brittle and break off easily; this is an indication that your roof needs a roofing replacement. The shingles that have lost their protective granules, also called the bald shingles, diminish the overall look of your house, and also demean its value. The worst thing is if they are exposed to direct sunlight, they age prematurely, which means an early roof replacement.

Fixing shingles is an easy task, provided that the damage is not extensive. That’s why we recommend regular upkeep of the roof so that you know what’s wrong with it and could call roofing repair service to fix it before it gets too late. roof cleaning in southampton

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