Amazing places for your Vietnam tours 2015

2014 is a successful year of Vietnam tourism. Many famous destinations in Vietnam such as Hoi An, Trang An – Ninh Binh, Halong Bay, Da Nang, Hanoi, and Ho Chi Minh City… were honored and received great attention of the entire world. There are numerous whys that Vietnam are favored by both local and international visitors in Vietnam tours. The S-shape country will bring unforgettable experiences to you. You will be overwhelmed by the most relaxing time on charming and wonderful beaches, or in stunning and attractive and interesting adventures. Do you have any idea for your holiday this year? Let’s take a look at the following destinations when choosing Vietnam as your vacation spot. Majestic Halong Bay – Perfect destination for recreation Halong Bay has been the most popular destination in Vietnam. The heaven on earth possesses spectacular and second-to-none scenery, which partly explains why Halong Bay is so fascinated by almost tourists in Vietnam travel. The entire of Halong Bay is portrayed by numerous islands and islets, which creates a marvelous combination amid majestic mountains, turquoise waters, and azure sky. Many experiences are conduced here such as trekking, climbing, kayaking to discover stunning caves, and contemplating Halong Bay panorama from high above with seaplane. Otherwise, Halong Bay cruise tours are ideal options. These tours bring interesting experiences on cultural and historical exploration of local fishermen’s life. If having a chance to contemplate the impressive scenery here, tourists will understand why Halong Bay is so adorable. Trekking Sapa to explore a diverse ethnic culture Sapa is a famous tourist destination in the Northwest of Vietnam where there are innumerable majestic mountains and spectacular passes. The Sapa Town also entices tourists with beautiful valleys and amazing terraced paddy fields, which is so a speculative choice for a Sapa trekking tour. Sapa is the living area of many ethnic minority groups, each of which has its own unique cultural identity. Meeting and talking to local people are among interesting experiences. The locals are so convivial and sociable. Besides, to understand more about the noteworthy local traditional and cultural customs, most tourists spend more days to live with locals and stay in stilt houses. Temple of Literature in Hanoi – An outstanding historical architectural relic Vietnam owns a large number of impressive and well-preserved temples, pagodas and Confucian relics, which proves that the country has a long-lasting and outstanding culture. Among Vietnam tour packages to Confucian relics, Temple of Literature in Hanoi is an indispensable stopover. Temple of Literature is seen as the most prominent Confucian relic in Vietnam. The temple is the worshipping place of Confucius and eminent scholars of feudal dynasties in Vietnam. Temple of Literature was built in 1070, and it is also the first university of Vietnam. The temple is an ideal attraction for all tourists who want to explore about Vietnam education’s history, it will surely make you excited. Exploring unique biodiversity in Cuc Phuong National Park Cuc Phuong National Park is the oldest national parks in Vietnam. The park with a rich flora and fauna system is the place where visitors can explore a wide range of second-to-none species.  하노이 불건마

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