Best Countries in the World For Expats

The world offers a variety of dreamy living options for expats. From thriving metropolises to quaint, tropical islands, you can choose your ideal setting that fits your lifestyle and career goals.

But which countries stand out? To find out, InterNations, a global network of expats, has compiled its annual Expat Insider report. This year, the survey analyzed the experiences of 12,000 respondents who were living and working abroad. It rated countries across five indices: quality of life, ease of settling in, working abroad, personal finance and the expat essentials index.

This year, Mexico took the top spot for the second time since its introduction to the survey in 2014. The country excels especially in the Local Friendliness subcategory where expats reported that it is easy to make friends. It also ranks highly in the Ease of Settling In index where expats said it is easy to get settled in Mexico and have a good quality of life here.

With its booming economy and affordable cost of living, Taiwan has consistently ranked among the best places for expats to live in Asia. The thriving island nation is known for its modern infrastructure and exceptional public transport system. It also boasts a low crime rate and a high quality of life. Expats love that their hard-earned money goes further in Taiwan, allowing them to afford luxuries like high-end restaurants and live-in household help.

Portugal is another consistent performer. It is a popular choice among European expats due to its warm weather and laid-back lifestyle. In addition to its gorgeous beaches, the quaint coastal towns of Lisbon and Porto are full of cobbled streets, charming cafes and historic churches. It’s also a hub for foodies, with its many Michelin-starred restaurants and local markets.

It is also a top destination for outdoor enthusiasts thanks to its vast wilderness and natural landscapes. Expats love to kayak lakes in the summer or go skiing in the winter. They also appreciate that their US dollars go far here, which is why it placed eighth in the Personal Finance index.

In contrast to the glitz and glamour of Dubai, Australia is a much more relaxed, family-friendly destination. The sunny country has a strong reputation for its work-life balance and excellent healthcare system. It is also a highly regarded educational hub with great international schools and one of the world’s most efficient public transportation systems that can get you anywhere in the city in a flash. It’s no wonder that the country has been voted as the 3rd best place to live in 2022. It also excels in the Working Abroad index with a robust job market, great career prospects and a healthy work-life balance. Best countries in the world for expat

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