Choosing a Patio Heater

A patio heater can help extend the use of outdoor areas into colder months and provide a cozy atmosphere for socializing with family and friends. The best patio heaters are made to withstand harsh weather conditions and have high heat outputs that can warm large spaces. A number of models are available, including freestanding options as well as fixed wall-mounted or overhead units that can be powered by either electricity, propane gas, natural gas, or a combination.

When choosing a patio heater, consider its heat output, which is measured in British Thermal Units (Btu). The higher the Btu rating, the more area it can warm. Additionally, look for a model that can withstand windy conditions. While wind may not affect the amount of heat a heater produces, it can make it more difficult to keep the flame burning or prevent it from blowing out.

The material a patio heater is made from can also influence its performance. Copper is a great choice because it’s an excellent conductor of heat and resists corrosion and rust, offering durability and long-lasting performance. However, it’s more expensive than other materials.

It’s important to choose a patio heater with safety features that can protect you and your guests. For example, many propane and natural gas heaters have built-in oxygen depletion sensors that shut off the burner if oxygen levels drop, helping to reduce fire hazards. Always maintain a safe distance between the heater and any flammable objects. Keeping a fire extinguisher nearby is a good idea as well, as it can be used to put out any accidental flames. patio heater

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