Choosing and Maintaining Conservatory Roofs

Whether you want to create a place to relax and enjoy the view or make it into a playroom or dining room, a conservatory can add value to your home and improve its saleability. However, the right roof is crucial to its performance and if you are considering installing a new conservatory or replacing the existing one, there are a variety of options that will give you increased insulation in winter and help reduce heat build-up during summer.

Conservatory roofs come in a range of shapes and sizes and can be made from glass, polycarbonate or even solid tiles. The choice depends on your personal preferences and the purpose of the conservatory, for example some people find that a glass conservatory can become unusable during the summer because it can be too hot and cause glare and discomfort, whilst others prefer the open space of a traditional glass conservatory.

A polycarbonate roof is a good option for a conservatory as it is both light and strong and comes in a range of colours to suit your property. However, it can be prone to damage from UV rays and may need a protective coating to prevent it from becoming discoloured over time. In addition, polycarbonate can sometimes be affected by the pH of rainwater and household cleaning products.

UPVC is another commonly used material for conservatory roofs and provides a great deal of insulation, however, it can be damaged by severe weather conditions or gouged from falling debris such as tree branches. Repairing UPVC or polycarbonate roofs is a relatively straightforward process and will usually involve the replacement of cracked or shattered panels. UPVC and polycarbonate conservatory roofs are also relatively easy to maintain, with regular cleaning and inspection helping to keep them looking as good as new.

If you have a hardwood conservatory it will require regular maintenance to keep it in good condition and prevent water leaks. This is especially important if your conservatory is located on an exposed site. Regular cleaning and treatment will help protect the timber against rot, mould growth and insect infestation. In addition, it is a good idea to regularly check the joists to ensure they are not loose or damaged.

If you are having problems with your conservatory roof, a professional roofer can provide a quick and efficient service to solve the problem. You can rest assured that any work carried out will be completed to the highest standards and in accordance with the latest safety and building regulations. You can also trust that any replacement roof will make your conservatory feel like a room that is fit for purpose all year round. Changing from a glass to tiled roof will also help with this as it will eliminate the glare that can make it unusable on sunny days and will make the room more energy efficient, saving you money on heating bills in winter. conservatory roofs swansea

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