Ella Fitzgerald – Dream a Little Dream of Me

This song by Ella Fitzgerald is a jazz standard that was recorded by many artists, including Louis Armstrong. The song is often cited as one of the best songs to sing to children. The lyrics are very sweet, and it is a great way to encourage your children to sleep. It is also a good song for adults to listen to. The song is about a happy childhood, and it has some great words about family and love.

The melody of the song was written by Fabian Andre and Wilber Schwandt, and the lyrics were written by Gus Kahn. It is believed that the song was first recorded in 1930 by a band called the Chicagoans.

In the 1940s, the song became more popular due to its use in various films. In the 1950s, the song was a hit on Broadway and it was covered by many different artists. One of the most famous recordings was by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald. The song is very smooth, and it has great vocals by both Louis and Ella.

The song enjoyed its highest chart success in 1968 when it was covered by Mama Cass Elliot with the Mamas and Papas, followed by a recording by Anita Harris. Over 40 other versions would follow, including those by the Mills Brothers, Sylvie Vartan, Henry Mancini, Anne Murray, Erasure, and Michael Buble.

Robbie Williams recorded a version of the song for his tenth studio album and second swing album, Swings Both Ways (2013). The song was retitled for the single release. ella fitzgerald dream a little dream of me

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