Explosion Proof Electric Actuator

UL HazLoc & ATEX certified explosion proof electric actuators for your industrial automation needs. Use with ball valves, butterfly valves and gate valves to help realize the full benefits of industrial automation.

Electric actuators are typically used in environments where compressed air is not available. When an explosion proof actuator is needed it should be housed in a properly classified enclosure to prevent ignition of the flammable atmosphere.

Moog offers special explosion proof rated brushless servomotors designed to fully complement the above electro-mechanical actuators. These motors feature high fill factor stators and a compact design that increases power density while retaining a flameproof housing.

Electric actuators can be used in low temperature applications where the quality of the supply air may cause condensation. In these applications it is recommended that the electric actuator be fitted with a heater to raise the operating temperature above the dew point. This will prevent the electric actuator from freezing during operation and will prevent the accumulation of moisture within the enclosure that could contaminate internal components or render it unusable. Explosion Proof Electric Actuator – YouTube

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