Feet and Trainers

When it is hot, many people are willing to wear shoes without stocking. However, a doctor in a hospital of Tianjin called Lu Tao points out that we also need socks in summer. People must avoid this kind of behavior.
Many people become ill if they do not wear socks. Because people do not wear stockings, we can see their feet’s skins. Therefore some insects will hurt their feet. They do not put on stockings, and it can bring harm to their feet. Thus there will be some germs on the feet. Sometimes we can find an injury on people’s feet. Then this injury will be infected because of these viruses.
If people do not wear stockings, the sun will “bake” the skin of feet. Ultraviolet rays in the sun can hurt the skin and produce a lot of radicals. The sunshine destroys the organization of the skins’ cells. So the skins lose the elasticity and become coarse. The skins’ resistibility lowers to some extent. The skins of feet will be hurt by the strong sunshine. So it is risky for people to get cancer.
Third, it brings dermatitis to people’s feet. If we do not wear socks, the feet and shoes often rub. A long time later, there will be calluses or corns on people’s feet. Sometimes, people get other diseases because they do not wear stockings. That’s because that they often do not wear socks. Maybe people’s feet are allergic to leathers and gum-elastic. It is a kind of disease for foot.
Last but not least, the funguses can influence the health of the feet. If it is hot, our feet often perspire. So we do not need stockings when we wear shoes. In summer, we often wear those plastic sandals or sneakers. These shoes have bad air circulation. Therefore our feet often bath in the sweat of feet. However, funguses are apt to grow in this kind of muggy environment. Thus our feet will be infected by these funguses.
At last, in summer, many people’s feet will feel cold because they do not wear stockings. In people’s bodies, feet are very particular. So our feet are apt to be cool because the feet’s temperature is a little low. Then, the germs will intrude into our bodies. Next, people will infect some other diseases. When it rains, the stomachs and loins can be painful. It is especially bad for girls.
So, Lu Tao gives us many advices. When summer comes, people must care for their feet. People must keep their feet clean and tidy in summer. So we should wear stockings even in summer. The socks are between feet and shoes. They construct a zone which is good for our feet. In hot summer, the cotton socks are best choices for us. They must be thin. You also can put a cotton sole into the shoes. On one hand, the stocking can protect people’s feet. In addition, the socks also protect the feet from the frictions produced by shoes. When the feet become unhealthy, they need to go to hospital and see a doctor. So even in summer, we should wear stockings to protect our feet. As long as we pay attention to this point, we can keep our feet healthy. knee high grip socks

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