Feld Fire Portable Fire Pumps

Fire pumps increase water pressure when the fire suppression system is in use. They are a necessity when fire departments have limited access to water or the existing water supply cannot meet the fire department’s demand for hose line water.

Our selection of portable fire pump includes a wide variety of capabilities and capacities, so you can find the right one for your needs. Whether your fire suppression system requires low or high pressure, Feld Fire is sure to have the portable pump you need.

Smaller, lightweight portable fire pumps offer a powerful water flow for your fire department’s emergency uses. They are ideal for wild land, cottage and home protection, firefighting support duties, interagency hot shot crews and fire prevention operations. Lighter in weight than other portable pumps, they are able to be transported to the scene by a single person and can easily be lifted over rough terrain.

Angus Fire’s lightweight portable fire pumps are powered by a 2-cycle engine and feature a centrifugal clutch for easy start. They are designed with a hard-anodized body for durability and low-maintenance features. The replaceable wear-rings are bronze for long service life and the mechanical seal is easily accessed and has few wearing parts, which reduces maintenance costs.

Medium volume/medium pressure

These portable fire pumps are capable of delivering 60 gpm at 90 psi net pump pressure through a 2 1/2-inch discharge and suction inlet, which is suitable for fire fighting or filling booster tanks on apparatus. They are also able to deliver two 11/2-inch or 1 3/4-inch lines with 60 gpm fog nozzles for wildland firefighting applications. These pumps are also limited to 150 pounds and have a size limitation of 25 inches on each side.

Large volume/high pressure

These larger portable fire pumps are superior performers where a high level of pressure is required. They are typically mounted on a skid unit and may be permanently mounted. They are powered by diesel or gas engines and offer multiple combinations of engine and frame mounts to meet wildland firefighting requirements.

High-performance fire pumps are equipped with a hydraulic drive and a single stage low-maintenance gearbox for maximum durability, ease of operation and maintenance and power-to-weight ratio. The durable hydraulic drive system eliminates belts that can break or become worn over time. Depending on the model, the engine can be started by hand, exhaust primer or recoil backup. High-pressure models also provide a range of pressure/volume combinations to address the specific needs of your fire fighting application.

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