Healing Frequencies

A growing body of evidence supports the use of sound frequencies as a healing modality. People who practice healing frequency include sound healers, meditation coaches, yoga instructors, massage therapists and energy healers, as well as individuals seeking to promote their own wellness by practicing self-care sound therapy.

In the world of healing frequencies, there are a variety of frequencies to choose from, each with different benefits. Some frequencies are associated with certain chakras or energy centers of the body, while others are believed to be beneficial in general. The 528 Hz frequency, often called the “love frequency” or “miracle frequency,” is believed to help reduce stress and increase feelings of wellbeing, as well as stimulate DNA repair and cell regeneration.

Solfeggio frequencies are a set of sounds used in Gregorian chants that are believed to have spiritual healing properties. These frequencies are based on a musical scale that dates back to ancient times. Frequencies like 40 Hz have been linked to the activation of gamma brainwaves, which can improve memory and cognitive function.

Other healing frequencies are associated with specific planets in our solar system. For example, the planet frequency of Earth, at 432 Hz, is believed to promote grounding and stability, while the frequency of the Moon, at 28 Hz, is thought to have emotional healing qualities.

Various devices can be used to produce healing frequencies, including gongs (large metal discs that vibrate when struck), crystal bowls and tuning forks. Many modern synthesizers also have built-in tone generators that can create sine waves at specific frequencies, such as those associated with healing.

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