Junkyard Fort Myers Helps Repair Transmission Problems

A slipping transmission can be a big problem for your car. It can lead to costly repairs and even an accident. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem before it gets worse. One of the best options is to visit a junkyard fort myers.

Junkyards are a great resource for do-it-yourself mechanics and can save you money compared to buying parts at car dealerships or auto part stores. Whether you’re looking for a new transmission or just need to replace your current one, a junkyard fort myers can help. Just make sure you research the yard you’re considering before you decide to visit.

In an aerie-like office whose windows are level with the downtown skyline, Bill Spikowski pores over GIS map layers and decades of city land use regulations as he tries to solve this problem for Fort Myers. He’s visited every salvage, scrap, recycling and towing yard in town, talked to their owners and studied code enforcement records.

The issue at hand is the proposal for Garden Street Iron and Metal to expand its self-serve used auto part yard on Metro Parkway. The site is in the minority-dominated neighborhood of Dunbar, where residents argue that junkyards depress property values and attract crime. The debate has rekindled memories of Fort Myers’ past racial segregation and is bringing in lawyers from around the country. “If this goes through, it raises serious questions of federal and state civil rights law,” said a University of Miami School of Law professor. junkyard fort myers

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