Matter Residences – What Devices Can Work With Matter?

Matter residences is a new condo located at Mattar Road in District 14. It is a freehold development that comprises of 1 block and 26 units.

Matter uses local networks (Wi-Fi and Ethernet) to communicate with each other, and doesn’t talk to the internet unless you use a controller or device app that talks to the cloud for remote control. That means that everything stays within your home and isn’t susceptible to hackers or the loss of power.

What devices can work with Matter?
The list of device partners and alliance members reads like a who’s who in smart home tech: Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung, Philips Hue, SmartThings, Ecobee, Aqara, eWelink, and Switchbot are just a few examples. It’s expected that most of the 600+ devices already certified for Matter 1.0 will be lighting and electrics, locks and security, and window and blinds devices.

All of the brands mentioned above have confirmed that they will make some of their existing devices Matter-compatible in the future, either via a firmware update or by adding Matter support to their existing bridges or hubs (such as the Hue Bridge for Philips Hue lights and Aqara’s M1S and M2 hubs). They also plan to add it to other devices in their lineups.

The inclusion of Thread is a big deal for Matter, which wants to be a protocol that works alongside other standards in multiplatform homes. That way, you won’t have to check for a Matter badge when shopping for devices, and you can expect them to work with Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Bixby, among others. matter residences

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