Ruqyah Sheets – A Simple Way to Protect Yourself From Evil Jinns

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Ruqyah sheets are a simple way to protect yourself from evil jinns. Simply print them, burn them and allow Allah to physically burn away the evil jinn from you! This is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to keep yourself protected from jinns for life.

Treatment Pack Includes: 2x Quraanic sheets (with 45 ayates and whole sura Baqara) double sided printed with edible Halal ink,100 ml extra vigin olive oil,12 incence sticks or cones all blessed with Ruqya to combat Seher 20 pounds national postage included (UK residents only).

Firstly listen to ruqyah audios eg ruqyah shariah and ayatul Kursi. You can find them in the audio section of the website. For severe afflictions such as sihr and possession you should also perform a ruqyah bath every day – for this please see the video below – and always make sure you top up the water with ruqyah water and not regular water – as this will dilute it. For best results always pray your daily obligatory prayers, do the niyyahs of pious people that have died and have strong tawheed – and remember Allah SWT knows what is inside you better than anyone else.

We advise that if you do not feel any difference or you are being affected more severely than before then you should question your yaqin and niyyah and perhaps seek istighfar from Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) as this may be due to a sin stopping Him helping you. Alternatively you may need to visit a sheikh for advice and further help.

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