Sealants and Insulation Materials – A Necessity In Today’s World!

Metal is used widely in almost every sector owing to its high strength, durability, low maintenance, ease of availability, good conducting properties, etc. Metal is used in many forms like pipes, sections, wires, rods, sheets, etc. In many of the industries metal pipes or hollow sections are used to convey fluids (gases or liquids) from one place to another.

To make transportation easy and to ensure better strength of sections, metal pipes are manufactured in fixed lengths which are then joined at site to obtain a closed system for transportation of the required fluid. Besides such pipes, there are many other cases where metal joint sealants are required to ensure an air tight joint. Some of the popular metal joints are butt joint, T joint, corner joint, lap joint, edge joint, etc.

The use of sealants dates back since old times. With the advent of industrial revolution, mankind started using metals extensively for all kinds of purposes and thus the need for metal joint sealants arose. This led to the invention of artificial polymer sealants. Metal joint sealants are used to seal the joints between two metal parts or to seal any openings.

These metal joint sealants are used widely in many industrial and commercial areas. Most of the sealants have manufactured from artificial polymers like urethane, silicone, acrylic, etc.

Just as the function of a sealant is to prevent leakage or to seal any openings there are materials whose purpose is to isolate thermal environments from each other on its two sides. Hot and cold Insulation materials are used to provide a layer of insulation which reduces or minimizes the heat flow. Besides good thermal resistance good hot and cold insulation materials have properties like being inert to a wide range of chemicals (high chemical resistance), physically stable or tough, etc. Depending on the need, a suitable hot and cold insulation material is used to provide thermal barrier. Some of the most common hot and cold insulation materials currently being used in the industry are:

  1. Glass wool: Glass wool is used for providing both thermal insulation as well as acoustic insulation. It is mainly used in construction and air conditioning industry.
  2. Ceramic wool: It is used in sheets form as hot and cold insulation material. It is a very good insulation material, highly durable, etc.
  3. Resin bonded rock wool: It is a popular hot and cold insulation material because it provides excellent thermal insulation, possess high chemical resistance to lots of chemicals, good resistance towards heat and physically tough.

Manufacturers of hot and cold insulation materials provide the customers with the flexibility of ordering these materials as per their specifications to meet the shape, size and insulation requirements. Sealant Manufacturers

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