Sports Grip Socks

Grip socks are a great addition to any sportsperson’s kit. These specialised socks help to improve stability and balance, reduce risk of injury and boost blood flow to the feet – helping athletes of all levels perform their best.

Non-slip grips are woven into the fabric of these socks which prevents them from sliding inside your shoe when you wear them. This helps to streamline the foot-sock-shoe connection and reduce the likelihood of slipping, allowing your cleats to grip the ground better. They are breathable so your feet don’t get too sweaty and the added padding provides comfort and support.

Breathable materials also mean that the socks are less likely to cause blisters. Blistering is a common problem in football, especially in pre-season and on soft ground. This is often due to shoes not being broken in, the summer heat, and feet rubbing against each other. Using grip socks that are made with breathable materials reduces the amount of sweat your feet produce and means they move around less within your boots, reducing blistering.

There are a range of brands producing grip socks, from the established (Nike) to the innovative (Stat Sports). YouTuber SR4U launched a rock solid grip sock called Pure which is comfortable and has a unique grippy pad pattern. Vypr’s sock are also good quality and their collab with Stat Sports produced a grip sock that’s both durable and comfortable with compression across the forefoot.

For professional players, the majority of grip sock brands make socks that are able to be cut to size and worn over their team’s official socks – meaning they can maximise the benefits of the grip sock whilst still complying with rugby club rules about wearing socks. sports grip socks

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