The Benefits of a Soft Wash House

When a house is soft washed, water sprayed at low pressure cleans the surface of the home. Bleach is often added to the water to kill mold and mildew spores and other bacteria. Surfactants are also used to reduce the surface tension of the water and help it penetrate grime. Neutralizers prevent the runoff from the cleaning chemicals from harming plants and materials. Odor removers are also sometimes included in the cleaning solution.

This method of washing is ideal for older homes, especially those with wood siding and other vulnerable surfaces that can be damaged by high pressure. It’s also preferable for homes along dirt roads and near trees that get a lot of buildup on the exterior. It’s less damaging to concrete and brick surfaces as well.

While some may choose to pressure wash their homes themselves, it’s important to note that this is a job best left to the professionals. Inexperienced homeowners can cause damage by attempting to use too much water pressure or by not taking proper safety precautions when using a ladder or handling chemical cleaners.

A professional will typically use a soft wash system, which features special black 65-degree nozzles that control the water pressure and help avoid damage to the surface being cleaned. This equipment is also more versatile than a standard power washer, as it can be adjusted to accommodate different pressure levels. The soft wash system will also have a built-in pump and hose to make it easy to rinse. soft wash house

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