The Best Hotel on Lake Garda

The largest of Italy’s lakes, Lake Garda is surrounded by dramatic mountains that create a fjord-like landscape. Once a holiday retreat for Ancient Roman writers and European royalty, it’s now home to luxury resorts, hotels with a view, and villas where you can feel like an aristocrat while on a budget.

The most luxurious hotel on lake garda offer top-notch amenities, stunning views and a serene atmosphere to unwind in. These hotels can be anything from a traditional villa with decorations fit for the Tzars to contemporary offerings with a pared-back style that lets the spectacular Lake Garda views do the talking.

There are few things more serene than waking up in the morning and gazing out over Lake Garda. This hotel, set right on the lakeshore in a small town in northern Lake Garda, offers guests dreamy rooms and suites to enjoy that view from. The rooms feature high ceilings and fancy vintage furnishings, while modern upscale bathrooms are a welcome touch.

With the lake right outside and a promenade just a few steps away, this hotel is the perfect base to explore this picturesque part of northern Italy. Guests can indulge in a visit to the onsite spa and spend their days relaxing by the pool or on the beach. The on-site restaurant also serves up hearty Italian meals to keep you fuelled for a day of exploration around the area.

A self-proclaimed “temple of wellness”, this hotel is a must for those seeking a relaxing lake getaway. Featuring five (yes, five!) pools including one with thermal waters, as well as a sauna and other treatment facilities, this hotel is a true gem for those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. hotel on lake garda

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