Types of Portable Fire Fighting Pumps

A portable fire fighting pump is used to increase the water pressure (measured in psi or bar) of an existing water supply. They are often utilized in high-rise buildings to overcome hydraulic head losses caused by elevation differences and in systems that require a relatively high terminal pressure at fire suppression outlets (to ensure water droplet penetration of the fire plume).

Our portable fire pumps are powered by powerful BRP Rotax or Briggs & Stratton 4-stroke engines and are equipped with single-stage pump units. The compact design and the light weight of the pumps ensure easy handling. The wide variety of available options allows the pumps to be adapted to each customer requirement.

The Rosenbauer range of portable fire fighting pumps offers the right solution for any application. From the FOX to the OTTER and BEAVER, all models impress with their robustness and reliability in extreme operating conditions. The engines are air-cooled and meet worldwide emissions standards and noise regulations.

Centrifugal pumps
In centrifugal pumps, water enters the suction inlet and passes to the center of the impeller, where it is pushed by centrifugal force and discharged out of the discharge inlet. These pumps are very reliable and can be used in a wide range of applications. They are easy to maintain, due to the split casing that can be opened for maintenance access, and they can be driven by both electric and diesel drivers.

Designed for use on wildland firefighting operations, this model offers excellent power-to-weight ratio and the flexibility to work in any standing water source – lakes, rivers, ponds, etc. This pump is equipped with an electric start engine and a recoil back-up. It meets the requirements of NFPA 20 for Stationary Firefighting Pumps. portable fire fighting pump

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