Ultherapy – The Non Invasive Face Lift Procedure

If you have been avoiding that face lift because the thought of surgery, stitches and a long recovery time that would leave you looking like Frankenstein’s roommate then you might be interested in. ulthera transducer is a procedure which uses ultra sound technology to tighten and lift your skin and to stimulate collagen production. Ultherapy takes about 30 minutes and the results will take place slowly over a two or three month period and last under most normal conditions for two or three years.

Sound Too Good To Be True?

If you are like most people you probably think that this procedure is too good to be true and find yourself wondering just how it works. The doctor will place a smooth ultra sound applicator called an Ulthera to your face and just like when your doctor takes an ultrasound of your baby an image will appear on the screen that both you and the doctor can view. The doctor then uses this image to see the tissue below where you need to have your skin tightened a bit.

Using the ulthera the doctor then delivers low levels of heat energy to the tissues at just the right depth while leaving your surface skin unharmed. This heat energy then over time will stimulate the growth of new collagen and result in a gradual tightening of the skin. While the procedure requires no downtime and you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment some people do experience some minor side effects. These side effects may include: slight pain, bruising, or temporary numbness.

Who Can Use Ultherapy?

While anyone can chose to have Ultherapy it works best on people with mild to moderate sagging. If you are over 60 or your skin is sagging appropriately for your age then you need to have realistic expectations of what this procedure can and cannot do for you. While it may tighten some of your skin it isn’t going to give you back the youthful appearance you had at 20 or 30 or even 40.

However, if you are simply looking for a mild tightening of your skin then one or two treatments can give you the desired results.

What Does This Procedure Cost?

While it is not the most expensive treatment on the planet Ultherapy does not come cheap it ranges from between $1500 to $4500 in most cases depending on whether you want a brow lift, lower face lift or full face lift. It also varies with the plastic surgeon and the area the procedure is being done.

Like all aesthetic treatments this procedure is not covered by your insurance so make sure that you talk to someone skilled in this procedure and make sure that you realize what this procedure can and can’t do.

Spending money on a procedure that is unnecessary and you are unhappy with won’t do you or your looks any good. While Ultherapy is the right choice for many people it isn’t right for everyone so explore your options before making a final decision.

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