Unique Locations to Celebrate the Upcoming NYE

Run faster guys, it is almost time for us to bid goodbye to this sometimes sad, sometimes hopeless, and sometimes not-so-well year and welcome a new year with flawless hopes and unending vigour. I have a list of some pretty cool tourist destinations around the globe if you have plans for visiting and exploring some locations with or without family and friends at this time. 

Sydney, Australia

The New Year programmes in Sydney Harbour can be identified as one of the most expensive and most overlooked NYE celebrations. The midnight fireworks display can be identified as the major attraction and undoubtedly the main highlight of the time. You can explore a lot more during New Year’s Eve in Sydney than simply relaxing on your couch while sipping a glass of wine. The New Year Eve cruises are often categorised as the favourite among both locals and tourists since it can offer prime views of both the fireworks display and Sydney Harbour. You can enjoy the spectacular harbour views with world class restaurant style dining experience. Book your tickets for one of the best Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve cruises and on board an authentic paddlewheeler with an old world charm. It offers a stunning cabaret show to spice it up, live DJ and party music to heighten the vibes, and spectacular views of Sydney’s world-famous NYE fireworks across the harbour. Enjoy the luxury of individual reserved tables, prime views of the pyrotechnic projections along with freshly prepared deluxe dinner and beverages. You can enjoy your cruise, drinks, dinner, and the on board entertainment with an all-inclusive package for around 7 hours. Make it memorable and share photographs on social media.  

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

Copan is an archaeological site in the Copan Department of western Honduras, the town next to the UNESCO listed Ruins of the same name. The Maya site of Copan that is considered as one of the most important sites of the Mayan civilization was discovered in 1570. The site is identified as the religious, civil, political, and cultural centre of the Copan Valley, the southeast portion of the Maya area. It exists today as a complex of ruins. We can find five plazas encircling it. One of the plazas called the Ceremonial Plaza has numerous sculptured monoliths and altars of the Mayan culture. If you are a lover of history, you can definitely book your tickets to Honduras for this upcoming NYE celebration. Let it be special and unique apart from the rest of your celebrations. The place is not just about historical and cultural monuments, ruins and all, you can definitely have fun there. Mayans of Central America are the one who discovered cocoa first, in 900 A.D. You can spot many chocolate factories along your way. Try to explore and discover their stories regarding traditional chocolate making while having one. 

Hanoi, Vietnam

Have you ever been to Hanoi, the capital of the country of Vietnam? Hanoi is quite popular for its centuries-old architecture, multi-cultural cuisine and lifestyle. The land was once a French colony and now has Chinese, Russian, and French influences. You can experience an old world nostalgia and charm from this capital city along with an intoxicating and all consuming blend of modernity. Hanoi can be identified as Vietnam’s second largest city and one of the most rapidly developing cities in Asia. If you have plans to celebrate your NYE in Vietnam, dare not to miss Hanoi, the traveller’s paradise. Try to visit the Municipal Water Puppet Theatre in Hanoi and enjoy the world-famous ancient art of water puppetry. The location can be seen right in the heart of the old town. Grab your tickets and book for a unique and unforgettable experience.   하노이 붐붐마사지

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