What to Look for in a Moving Company

A moving company helps customers move their physical belongings from one

location to another. The type of service a customer receives depends on the

company they choose, their budget and any add-on services they request. Some

companies provide local or short-range moves, while others specialize in interstate

or cross-country moves. A moving company can also offer storage, packing and

other specialty services. In addition to evaluating prices, customers should read

reviews and check the company’s licensing status.

Some of the most common reasons for using a moving company include reducing

stress, saving time and money, and protecting items from damage or loss. A mover

can help with unpacking and reassembling furniture, and many companies provide

packing materials and labor for an additional cost. Customers can also save time by

having the movers do the heavy lifting, and protect themselves from back injuries,

hernias and other health issues by letting professionals handle fragile or heavy


Those looking for a full-service moving company should consider companies like

Mayflower, United Van Lines and Allied Van Lines. Mayflower offers a comprehensive

protection plan that covers repair or replacement of damaged items up to the actual

value of the item. Its online quote system lets customers view a visual

representation of their items and can be used to obtain an estimate. Its agents can

also perform a physical survey of a home or apartment, though that is often

unnecessary if the customer can send pictures and dimensions of their items to an

agent before the move date.

Other full-service movers include College Hunks, which is primarily a junk removal

company, and United Auto Transport, which offers vehicle shipping, storage and

international moving. Both companies provide packing and hauling services, and

College Hunks has a number of options for students, including an all-inclusive

bundle that covers everything from packing to trash removal. United Auto Transport

has an online quote system that displays a visual representation of the shipment,

and it can offer a full-service option or a self-packing service for those on a tighter


Part-service moving companies like PODS and Bellhops offer a more simplified

experience for those with more modest needs or smaller budgets. These companies

typically provide storage and delivery, as well as packing supplies and labor for an

additional cost. For those in a hurry, these options may be the best fit, as they can

usually accommodate a same-day or next-day move.

Customers should also check whether a moving company is licensed as a carrier or

broker. Those who choose carriers directly oversee the entire process, while brokers

contract out some moves to their partner moving companies. Customers can use the

FMCSA website to search for a moving company’s U.S. Department of Transportation

(DOT) or motor carrier (MC) license numbers to determine their operating authority.

When choosing a moving company, consumers should look for transparent pricing

and great customer service. They should also compare quotes and consider any

extra charges, such as mileage fees or a requirement for a deposit. Ideally, thecompany will disclose these costs upfront or during the quoting process. umzugsunternehmen

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