Which Suit Is Right For You? Off the Rack, Made to Measure Or Bespoke

Shopping for a suit can be a pain – lots of time spent in changing rooms and lugging around suits that don’t fit. The good news is there are more suit options on the market than ever before and with them comes more opportunity to customize your look. But which suit option is right for you: off the rack, made to measure or bespoke?

If you go the RTW route, your choices are limited by pre-set designs. You may choose a specific lapel shape or style and you can often specify things like lining, pocket size and monograms. However, if you want to get creative and push boundaries, the RTW route just won’t cut it.

A Made to Measure suit starts with a standard pattern and then tailors it to your body based on 10-15 measurements. You will likely only have a few fabric options and you will need to have multiple fittings.

Choosing a custom fit means selecting your shoulders (padded vs spalla camicia), whether you have functional buttons or no buttons, and a double-breasted versus single-breasted jacket. You can also decide if you want a high or low armhole, a functioning boutonniere loop and more.

A true bespoke suit can be designed by you or a professional and can be as simple or complicated as you want. You can choose a fabric from a wide range, have an expert guide you through your design choices, and if you’re shopping with a reputable bespoke shop, they will also take care of the measuring/fitting process. Custom suit

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