Choosing an Air Cooler

An air cooler is a great cooling option in hot, dry climates. These portable machines work in a similar way as an air conditioner but do not use any complex machinery or gas and are therefore cheaper, lighter, and more portable. They also tend to be less energy-intensive and emit fewer harmful chemicals than an air conditioner.

These appliances work by evaporative cooling, which is an effective and natural way to cool the air. Warm ambient air passes over a cooling pad which is kept damp with water and as it evaporates, the air is cooled and then blown out into the room via an internal fan. Most models have dedicated trays for adding ice cubes to help with the cooling process. It is important to choose a cooler with a good air throw distance which measures how far the appliance can effectively blow out a stream of cool air. Coolers with longer angled fan blades can achieve higher air throw distances than others, and this is one of the key factors in choosing the right cooler for you.

There are many different types of air coolers available in the market, all varying in capacity, design and features. Choosing the best air cooler for your home or office depends on several factors including the climate, size of the room and your budget. An air cooler is a good choice for hot, dry climates and can be used in addition to an air conditioner or instead of it.

Orient Electric has a large selection of air coolers in a variety of shapes, sizes and capacities. These include personal, tower and window air coolers all of which are powered by evaporative cooling technology to cool the ambient air and come with an inbuilt fan to circulate the cooled air. They are easy to maintain and clean with simple maintenance steps such as cleaning the cooling pads and refilling the water tank.

The Orient EC-F301 is one of the latest models in our range of air coolers and is designed to be both efficient and quiet. It is powered by a high-capacity inbuilt water pump that delivers up to 55 litres of water per hour for maximum cooling efficiency. It is also highly energy efficient with low operating costs and comes with a remote control for convenient operation.

The Orient EC-F301 is a stylish and compact evaporative air cooler that is suitable for use in small to medium-sized rooms such as offices, restaurants and backyards. The evaporative cooling technology makes it perfect for use in a hot, dry climate where you can leave the door or windows open to allow fresh air to circulate through the space. The small dial on the front of the appliance allows you to choose between three settings and adjust the flow of air to suit your needs.

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