Choosing the Right Nozzle For Fire Hose

The nozzle for fire hose is one of the most important tools used by firefighters. It is used to control the flow of water and determine the type of spray pattern created. Nozzles are designed with different types of patterns, from a straight stream to a wide angle fog spray, to provide maximum reach and extinguishing capability for a variety of fire threats. Nozzles are also designed to create a range of water flows, from low to high to help firefighters control the amount of water they are discharging.

Inadequate flow provides a weak and ineffective stream that fails to get to the seat of the fire. Too much flow causes excessive nozzle pressure, which can make it difficult for a firefighter to handle the hose line and may jeopardize his or her safety.

Firefighters need a nozzle that can be easily opened and closed and is easy to operate. Lever and rotational controls should require no more than three pounds of force to open, and the nozzle’s components must be made with quality materials that will resist damage from drops, corrosion, and sun exposure.

The most important step in selecting the right nozzle is to understand what your hose system needs to accomplish. Determine the minimum flow required and the maximum that can be achieved with normal pump pressures and hose lay, then decide whether the nozzle will always be in the same position or if it will be used for other applications, which might require different flows.

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