Choosing the Right Type of Conservatory Roof

The roof of a conservatory can make a big difference to how the space is used. Whether it’s an existing conservatory that is being changed or a new addition to the house, the type of roof chosen will affect everything from the overall cost of the project to how much energy the room will use. There are a wide range of roof types available and choosing the right one will ensure that the space can be utilised year-round, regardless of the season.

The biggest factor that will influence the price of a new conservatory roof is the materials and the size of the structure. The bigger the conservatory, the more expensive it will be to install a new roof. This is because the structure needs to be stronger and more robust in order to support a solid roof.

While a new conservatory will always be more costly than an existing conservatory, there are some ways to keep the costs down. The most obvious is to work with a reputable installer who can guarantee that their work will be of the highest quality. This can be done by checking online reviews, viewing their portfolio and contacting them about their capabilities.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that a new conservatory roof can be considerably cheaper than changing the entire structure. By cladding an existing conservatory with a tiled roof the cost will be significantly reduced. It is also possible to get better insulation from a solid roof than from polycarbonate and this will lower your energy bills even further.

If you want to use a conservatory all year round you need to have a roof that can offer good levels of insulation. Glass and polycarbonate roofs let heat escape easily which can make the space unusable in winter. Solid tiles on the other hand provide a far more effective barrier against heat loss and this will allow you to enjoy the conservatory all year round.

When you have a tiled conservatory roof installed you will need to get Building Regulatory Approval. This is because a solid roof will change the classification of your conservatory from a temporary structure to a permanent part of the house.

This is not a problem for most homeowners but it is a fact that you should be aware of. You will also need to have the walls reinforced to support the weight of a solid conservatory roof. This will be a small additional cost but it is well worth the investment as it will allow you to use your conservatory all year round and will make the room more usable and comfortable. The increased insulation will also allow you to reduce your energy costs because you will be able to retain the heat and not have to spend as much money on artificial heating. This will pay for itself very quickly. You will notice the difference in your energy bills almost straight away. new conservatory roof

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