Collectible Angel Figurines

Angels are known for being messengers between man and God, also helpers and protectors in time of need. They can be commonly found in works of literature or as art in many churches. In churches angels can be found as paintings on the ceilings or walls, as stained glass windows, or as statues. Angels can be found throughout history on stone carvings, pottery, depicted on walls, and other works of art.

There is a wide variety of angel figurines, large and small for any occasion. They come in different material such as crystal, glass, porcelain, pewter, plastic. Crystal, glass, and porcelain figurines are breakable and best displayed in a case or shelf out of the reach of small hands. Pewter and plastic figurines are more durable and make great gifts for smaller children who will want to play with them.

Angel figurines are a great way to remind someone that they are never alone and that their guardian angel is watching over them and protecting them always. They are also a good way to let someone know that no matter what you will always be there if they ever need you, or to simply remind them that they are always in your prayers.

Is there someone in your life that things just never seem to go right for? Have you ever been told that we are supposed to be mindful of our thoughts and emotions? Have you ever had a day that started out bad and just seemed to get worse? Well an angel figurine sure can’t fix things for you but it may be able to help. This is what I have come to think of as a gratitude angel. Instead of the traditional reasons people give angel figurines, the idea here is to give the figurine to a friend in need and tell them that whenever they look at the gratitude angel they are to think of what they are grateful for. This type of angel needs to be placed so they can see it at the very least first thing in the morning and again at night before they go to bed. The purpose for this is first thing in the morning they get up see the angel and remember what they are grateful for instead of what they are worried or stressed about. Again at night the last thing they see before they go to bed is the angel and they are reminded of what they are grateful for. Ever heard the phrase do not let the sun go down on your anger.. Cherub Figurine

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