Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

Modern kitchen cabinet design is defined by sleek lines and a focus on functionality. While this style is often associated with stark white cabinets, more homeowners are gravitating away from the crisp finish in favor of warmer hues like creamy taupe and off-white. Pairing these colors with natural stone surfaces on countertops and island tabletops offers a nice complement to the clean lines of modern cabinetry.

Cabinet hardware should highlight the modern aesthetic by running flush with the surface it attaches to. For this reason, tubular and rectangular bar pulls work well. They are simple, easy to grip and offer a minimalist look. Hardware in shiny metal finishes such as brass and copper also add a contemporary touch.

While modern cabinets are usually painted a soft neutral color, there is no rule against using bold colors to make a statement. Calming shades of blue, green and gray work nicely with the sleek lines of modern cabinetry to create a cohesive look that is both welcoming and inviting.

The modern movement also favors the use of natural wood finishes on cabinetry. This is not the orange-stained oak of decades past, but rather a light wood with natural grain that adds texture and dimension to a room. It can be paired with a more modern door style or can stand alone as a focal point on an island or hutch.

One of the most unique modern trends in cabinetry is the use of an empty space above upper cabinets for open storage. This keeps the line of cabinetry clean while providing a place to display dishware, glassware and kitchen linens. When paired with white floating shelves and chrome hardware, this look is both contemporary and timeless.

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