Olukai Womens Sandals near me: Secret tips of cleaning Sandals, and guides

They provide comfort, support, and protection for your feet. Are you looking for where to buy excellent quality sandals, search for Olukai womens sandals near me on Google search engine.

Google search will produce thousands of website results of sandals dealers where you leave, and all you have to do is click on the links and you are on your way to buying Olukai slippers, sandals, or any footwear you desire.

Your feet deserve pampering because it supports you all day long allowing you carry out different activities conveniently. If anything should happen to your feet, you may have to stay home idle and lose precious time feeling frustrated.

The importance of the feet is why footwear producers like Olukai painstakingly and sacrificially produce top-quality footwear that answers many secret and open desires of their customers. Olukai footwear is one of the best around. So, without further ado, below are some tips about caring for sandals.

Washing your sandals:

I don’t think any footwear should be machine washed. The reason is that machine may deform the shape of the footwear and also damage the materials.

When you want to clean sandals, especially the one produced by Olukai, refer to Hansensurf store, the number one dealers of Olukai footwear brands. The store will provide with guide and cleaning tips for any shoes or sandals you purchase. In this article, we shall provide Olukai’s sandals cleaning procedures.

There are different cleaning tips for different types of sandals produced by Olukai, and they are described below.

How to clean Olukai leather sandal:

To clean leather sandal you will need a damp cloth and leather cleaner.


First you need to remove any dirt on the sandal. Using a damp cloth, wipe the sandal with the wet cloth; this will eliminate any dirt. Next, apply leather cleaner on the slippers to ensure that your sandals texture is intact.

After applying the leather cleaner, air dry your sandal.

How to clean a synthetic sandal:

Synthetic sandals are made with non-organic materials, and like leather sandals, they need careful cleaning.


First what you need for the cleaning are, soft towel or gentle brush, dish detergent solution.

Use the towel to remove debris and dirt, next, using your hands, carefully wash the sandals with cold water mixed with laundry detergent. If the product is very dirty, you will need to repeat the washing until the dirt is completely removed.

Finally, air-dry your sandals.

General maintenance tips for sandals:

After you have searched for Olukai Womens Sandals near me and located the ideal store, before you placing order for any product, locate the label on the sandal or slippers or any footwear you desire. Whatever the label says, please do it. If it says “cannot be washed with a mmachine,” please obey. sandals for women

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