What Does a Machining Parts Manufacturer Do?

A machining parts manufacturer is responsible for making metal components that meet precise specifications set by the product’s manufacturers. These components are used in many industries, including aerospace, automotive, and fiber optics, because they provide critical functions such as measurement and control. These companies use a variety of methods to produce these parts, but one common method is machining. Machined parts are more versatile than injection molded parts and can be fabricated in a much faster timeframe. The process also allows for a lower minimum order quantity, which makes it a better option for smaller companies and prototyping.

Machining is a type of production technology that involves cutting away excess material from a workpiece to create a finished part with the desired dimensions and appearance. It is an extremely versatile method for creating parts because it can be applied to a wide range of materials. In addition, it can be used to create different types of shapes, including a variety of angles and curves, which may not be possible through other production processes. For example, a mold would be difficult to create a circular shape out of plastic; however, a lathe can create a circular hole by rotating the workpiece and using a cutting tool to cut away excess metal.

The type of cutting tools that are used to make a part will depend on the machining process selected. There are two main types: single point cutting, which uses a tool with a single cutting edge to turn, plane or shape the workpiece, and multi-point cutting, which utilizes tools with multiple cutting edges to mill, drill or broach the part. Some machining techniques also require additional finishing operations to complete the job. These can include sanding, deburring, heat treating, polishing and passivating.

Companies that manufacture machined parts offer custom services that allow their clients to create prototypes and carry out testing before moving on to full-scale production. This enables them to refine their designs and reduce costs and lead times associated with the manufacturing process. They can then deliver high-quality, reliable components that will perform as intended and be able to withstand rigorous use.

These manufacturers are able to deliver these products by adhering to strict quality assurance measures throughout the production process, from initial materials inspection to final product testing. They are also able to accommodate the specific requirements of their customers and produce parts that are compliant with industry standards, such as UL, ISO and cUL.

A machining parts manufacturer offers a wide range of services, such as CNC Swiss machining, CNC vertical and horizontal milling, drilling and tapping, traditional lathe turning, knurling, machining of cast iron, aluminum and brass, and forming and welding. These capabilities are used to manufacture components for the aerospace, agricultural, appliance, automotive, beverage, building and construction, electronics, food, medical and transportation equipment industries. These manufacturers also provide engineering, design, CAD/CAM/CAE, fulfillment and supply chain management services. machining parts manufacturer

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